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Lisa King BPAS'95, MAdmin'11 - Dr. Robert and Norma Ferguson Award for Outstanding Service



As an alumna, Lisa King served the University of Regina Alumni Association (URAA), both as a Board member and president. She was also a University staff member, on-campus fitness instructor and has volunteered at many events. Each phase of her University of Regina experience, she says, had its special memories and each played an important role in the development of her personal and professional life.

“During my undergraduate degree I realized the importance of getting involved at the University, she says. “I served on the Physical Activities Studies Student Society and from there it continued, helping with events, serving on the University of Regina Alumni Association, being involved in some hiring committees. Those experiences all provided a deeper appreciation for the value of the University on a much larger scale than simply a place to earn a degree. I wish I knew during my first and second years what I know now. Don’t just come to campus to attend classes and leave right away. There is so much learning and opportunity and experiences that can happen on campus – get involved.”

From 2008 to 2010 King served as manager, Business and Professional Development with the University’s Centre for Continuing Education. While there she advocated for non-credit students to be considered alumni, a proposal the URAA adopted earlier this year. King was elated to hear that non-credit students are now part of the incredible community of University of Regina alumni.

“Being on the URAA Board provided a whole new perspective and appreciation on how the University operates and the valuable role the Association plays in scholarships, sponsorships and the faculty awards,” she says. “I was lucky to be on the Board during some pivotal times in the University’s history – expansion for the 2005 Canada Summer Games, new presidents, new structure for the URAA – to name a few. I learned a lot, met wonderful people and developed a whole new skill set around Board governance, budgeting and strategic planning.”

In 2011 she chaired the organizing committee for the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards dinner, helping to revitalize the event by returning it to a higher-profile location on campus. Now, the circle is being completed as she receives an award of her own.

“It is a great honour to receive the Ferguson Award,” she says, “and I am greatly appreciative of everyone who helped me along the way. This award is the culmination of a lot of interactions with many people in my life.”

Though she has moved away from Saskatchewan, Regina and the University is never far from her thoughts.
She remains connected to the University through social media, Degrees magazine and contacts with faculty, staff, students and alumni.

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