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Nomination Process

Do you know an outstanding alum who is making a difference? Nominate today!

Nominees must be graduates of the University of Regina in a recognized degree, diploma or certificate program. An individual may be awarded an ACAA in more than one category, but may be honoured in only one category each year.

Group nominations will be considered for the awards. Unless otherwise indicated, members of the group must be University of Regina alumni, and be represented equally within the nomination information regarding individual roles and the relevance to the service being provided.

The following alumni are not eligible to receive an ACAA:

  • Alumni who have received an honorary degree from the University of Regina.
  • Current or sitting politicians, at any level, are not eligible for nomination. These individuals are eligible for nomination after a one-year waiting period from the date they step down from their position.
  • Members of the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards Selection panel.
  • Members of the URAA (University of Regina Alumni Association) Board of Directors.
  • Members of the University of Regina Board of Governors.

Awards are not given posthumously.

  1. All nominations must be submitted using the online web form or downloadable form on the University of Regina Alumni website.
  2. All nominations and supporting documents are considered confidential.
  3. A nomination form must be completed in full or the nomination will not be considered.
  4. You do not have to be a University of Regina alumni to submit a nomination.

Nomination packages must include:

  1. Biographical summary – include the following information
    1. How they are extraordinary?
    2. What impact they have made in their profession and community?
    3. In what ways do they strengthen alumni pride and affinity to University of Regina.
    4. How do they fulfill the award criteria?
  2. Career Profile
    1. Academic, Business, Professional
    2. Volunteer
  3. Previous awards and honors if applicable.
  4. Letters of Support (1-3, maximum of three)
    1. Letters should be typed and include contact information for the supporter.
    2. Letters should be from professional peers and those influenced or inspired by the nominee.

Nominations for the 2023 Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards will open early 2023, stay tuned for more information.

The Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards Selection Panel will invite and select nominations. Nominations will be closed on a date determined by the Alumni Relations staff and agreed upon by the URAA in accordance with the date determined for the awards gala event or other publicity and recognition opportunities.

After the nominations have closed, and the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards Selection Panel has been determined, the coordinator responsible for the program will create nomination packages to be sent to panel members. The nomination package will include the following:

  • A complete list of the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards Selection Panel members for that year.
  • A chart summarizing the nominations that were received, sorted by award category.
  • A copy of this document, “Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards Terms of Reference”.
  • Each individual candidate's nomination submission.

Complete the Nomination Form.

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