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URAA Board of Directors


Alumni Association Board

Christine Niemczyk CPR'88, PLC'21

Vice President
Scott Carson BSc’04

Second Vice President (Finance)
Roxanne Olynyk BBA'13

Past President
Monica Deters BHJ'04, MPA'09

Sandra Kitts BEd’80
Carmen Lien BEng'07, MCert'11
Talitha Smadu McCloskey BA'12, CPR'14
Jennifer Murray BA’03, BEd’05
Robert Ellis BA'70, BAHC'71, MA'78
*TonBari Menegbo, DBA'12, BBA'14, CEcon'15
*Yaya Wang, DBA 09', BA'11, CPR'14

Ex-Officio Members
Gwen Keith BEd’74, MEd’77, PGDEA’83, MEd’84 Senate Representative – University of Regina
Hannah Tait, President, University of Regina Students' Union
Sarah Fedirko BBA'11, Associate Director, Alumni & Community Engagement, University of Regina

*The motion for TonBari Menegbo and Yaya Wang to the URAA Board of Directors was made by Carmen Lien and seconded by Bob Ellis and passed by voting board directors via email by October 5, 2020.

Top row l-r: Monica Deters, Sandra Kitts, Christine Niemczyk, Talitha Smadu McCloskey
Middle row l-r: Gwen Keith, Robert Ellis, Roxanne Olynyk, Sarah Fedirko
Bottom row l-r: Scott Carson, Jennifer Murray
Missing: TonBari Menegbo, Yaya Wang

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